Three Different Types of Stuffing Often Used for Pillows

Three Different Types of Stuffing Often Used for Pillows

Being able to fall asleep easily and naturally is always desirable but not always possible to take for granted. Many people struggle to get enough sleep or suffer from restlessness later on that leaves them feeling groggy and drained the next day.

In many cases, the pillows people choose to use contribute to problems like these and others. The material that such an accessory is filled with will always impact its ability to keep its owner comfortable and well rested.

Several Different Types of Filling

Having a well cushioned accessory to rest the head upon at night is more or less a requirement for most people to get restful sleep. There are quite a few types of fillings that can be used to provide the combination of softness and support that is generally desired. Some of the most commonly seen in products on the market today include:

  • Polyester. The synthetic material polyester can be spun into wisps that resemble the fluffy strands of cotton balls. When packed into a cloth enclosure, these individual fibers will provide a fair amount of both loft and support. While polyester is an inexpensive filling, it does tend to suffer from some drawbacks. In particular, it will lose its ability to spring back sooner than most other common options, while never being quite as soft in the first place.
  • Memory foam. Mattresses that incorporate memory foam have taken the market by storm, and the material is now frequently used in other ways, as well. A solid block of memory foam will provide fairly comfortable support for the head thanks to how the material conforms to its contours. Shredded pieces of memory foam are frequently used to fill cases to provide a more conventional feeling sleeping experience.
  • Down. The king of all fillings is undoubtedly down, the fluffy, feathery clusters that are found closest to the skin of geese and many other birds. Down will provide uncompromising comfort and support when used as a filling without suffering much from wear over time at all.

An Investment Into More Restful Sleep

Choosing a product with the most appropriate type of filling should pay off in many more nights of restful, rejuvenating sleep. Fortunately, the best choice should be relatively clear in most cases.

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