Two Issues It Pays to Consider When Shopping for Down Pillows

Two Issues It Pays to Consider When Shopping for Down Pillows

Buying one or more high quality pillows often proves to be the best way to enable more restful sleep. Pillow shoppers sometimes find themselves gravitating toward products, however, that do not provide a great deal of value, despite being apparently comfortable and reasonably priced.

In many cases, down pillows that cost a bit more will last far longer than other options while being much more comfortable all the while. Spending more money to obtain high quality pillows filled with down can end up being the best choice of all, and understanding the most relevant issues should never be a problem.

A Couple of Simple Concepts That Serve Pillow Shoppers Well

In fact, pillows stuffed with down are in some respects easier to shop for than any other kinds. While the details regarding proprietary blends of polyester or memory foam stuffing will typically be difficult to come by, down stuffing for pillows can be summarized using some standardized measures and descriptions.

As such, shoppers in the market for pillows filled with down will do well to concentrate on these basics. The issues that most often repay attention devoted to them include:

  • Loft. The point of filling a pillow with down is to provide it with a yielding type of support that translates into long-lasting comfort. The clusters of down that are used to fill pillows vary in terms of how much space they expand to fill after being compressed. This trait is normally encapsulated in a number called the “loft rating,” with larger figures signifying fluffier clusters within a pillow. A pillow with a loft rating of 850 will be among the most cloud-like on the market, while one that measures at 550 or 650 on the scale will be less so. Naturally enough, higher loft ratings imply higher prices.
  • Origin. Goose down is cultivated and harvested in many places today, but a few consistently produce the highest quality output. Hungary and Canada are known to be countries where high quality down is common, with other nations coming in somewhere lower on the scale.

An Easy Product to Shop For

Simply accounting for issues like these along with those that are obvious in person will make it easy to buy a top-quality, down-filled pillow. That often ends up being the best way of all to enjoy more restful nights of sleep.

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