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Helpful Tips to Make your Portfolio Stand Out

In the field of designing, you will learn new skills and new software periodically. The same changes must be made to your portfolio too. But it isn’t as simple as we say it here. There a quite a few of us who just ignore certain things while updating portfolio. For starters, as you mature as an artist, you may want to want to skip your old works. Never ever do this. Because when you take a look at your old work you will discover how far you have come. There have always been some questions hovering on me all the time about portfolio update. For instance, how would I know when updating is needed or how do I begin to manage my portfolio. In this article, we discuss about the same.

Be ready with a softcopy and a hardcopy of your portfolio

Ensure your art is easily accessible to your clients. Keeping up with the new trend, these days everything is done on the net, so having a soft copy is pretty important. However, you should also carry a hardcopy with you as you never know where you will bump into a potential client.

Always include your recent work

Perfection cannot be achieved in a day. So even if you think a job did not turn out as well as you wanted it to be and does not show your actual potential, include it in your portfolio. It will only give the client an insight of how much you have grown with time.

Update it consistently

A portfolio is a proof that you’re talented. Even if you have worked as a freelancer, include the job details and your responsibilities and also the client’s name.

Get feedback

Show your portfolio to peers and colleagues. Get their feedback. Join artist communities like ArtBistro and get a review there too. It is difficult to be objective about your own artwork after all.

Keep experimenting

If a design has made it to your portfolio, it does not mean it’s locked in. There is always scope for improvement. This will show your seriousness and passion towards your work. Try new skills and get creative.

Do not rush

Do not rush into a job just to include it in your portfolio. Include the best. Prioritize well by keeping the strongest pieces ahead.