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The Important of Hidden Job Markets

The majority of jobs seekers rely on the open market to search for jobs. Some of the ways IT jobs are advertised is through different methods of posting jobs such as jobs posting boards, advertisements in newspapers and websites and source job leads. Even though it appears to IT job seekers that there are many IT job openings for which they can apply and qualify for, a very small number of people find employment in these positions using these search methods.. In fact, around 10 percent of people find their respective IT jobs through these methods. There are many reasons why it is so hard to find a job through a job board. One major reason is that the job seeker faces a lot of tough competition and there is limited means for them to differentiate themselves from other candidates. This is because it is common for a manager to receive more than 500 resumes for every one position advertised. Since a job seeker has no personal relationship with the manager, all they can do is rely solely on technology’s ability to make them shine. Their only hope rests on technology’s capabilities to ensure that the submitted resume has enough keywords and matches consistently with the job specification in order to receive recognition from the manager.

One of the major challenges that jobs seekers face is how to make the time and effort spent in the open job market more effective. Job seekers can do more than just send out their job resumes through the internet and hope for the best. Candidates need to be careful with the amount of time they spend online and should consider making their time more effective by taking advantage of all the different methods available to them such as using various sites like ‘Indeed’ and ‘SimplyHired’ which offer full information on various different jobs and also allow you to set up email alerts.

There is undoubtedly more opportunity for IT jobs in the hidden job market. If the job seeker spends time online efficiently, as mentioned above, then they will be left with more time each week to spend on broadening their search. Eighty percent or more of people applying for jobs, find their jobs through the hidden market. These are jobs that are not advertised and not posted but rather communicated through word of mouth. There are many reasons why open positions may not be listed on job boards. It could be because the company once had a position highlighted on the board but was unsuccessful in finding the right candidate, this may prompt them to search for a candidate offline. It could also be because the company does not have the finances to post a job online.

Furthermore, a large number of companies find their own employee referral programs to be a better source of finding the right candidate and therefore will promote such positions internally throughout the company. Less commonly, there are situations where someone on performance counseling will be be managed out of the company in the coming weeks. Some companies have their own practices and hiring policies and prefer to make openings available to their own employees rather than look for outside help.