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Tips to Advance your Career

Another year has passed and you are still stuck in the same position that you have been given 3 years ago. Yes, you do love your job but it is time to make long term goals to advance your career. Nobody would reject the idea of climbing up the executive ladder, get a higher pay and receive more benefits and rewards. The chance of becoming the best version of yourself is something worth fighting for because you will get the chance to improve yourself, enhance your skills and gain more knowledge about the duties and responsibilities you were given to perform or go beyond them. Here simple tips to advance your carrer :

  • Have a heart to heart talk with your boss – most people who never get anywhere inside the office are those who don’t let anyone know that they are interested in going up. Take time to talk to your boss and let him know about your dreams. Ask for his opinion on what you could do to prepare yourself for the next step towards your goal.
  • Find a career coach – these people can be found inside and outside the office. You don’t necessarily have to pay for one because this person can be your closest friend, or a sister or a neighbor. Find someone willing to share their success stories and will guide you on what steps you need to take. It is always inspiring to hear these advices from people you look up to and have experienced what you are dealing with at the moment.
  • Don’t stop learning – when you are given the chance to attend seminar or trainings, listen. Take the time to meet new people and learn from them too. Do not simply listen and forget, but listen and live the knowledge you have gained so you always carry them with you wherever you go.
  • Be open to challenges – learn to adapt to changes and face new challenges thrown your way because the experiences you have learned from overcoming these struggles will help you become stronger and better.
  • Reach out – aim to grow together with the company so your boss will know that you are passionate about your job and you are loyal to your company. Be supportive of everyone around you and avoid gossips. Be kind and treat everyone with respect.