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Tips to Looking For an IT Job

First of all, you need to be patient. The problem is that job searches in the field of information technology can cause stress and at times it can be tough. You need to manage your emotions as trying to find a new job can be stressful at the best of times. During your job search, try to adhere to positive habits. These are eating a healthy diet, exercising, maintaining a social circle and resting. All of these positive habits will enable you to overcome stress while you can continue to search for a job.

One of the common mistakes that most people make in their search for IT jobs is that they are not ‘aware of themselves’ before they start their job search. You first need to know yourself before you start searching. By this we mean find out the aspects that you would want to look for in a job. You need to recognise the type of Work that would best suit you. Then start your job search with planning and preparation. Find out the personal characteristics you have, such as your skills, experience, values and interests. Once you prepare a list of these characteristics you can come up with a realistic job objective that would fit your needs. It will also help you in creating or revising your CV while assisting you in preparation for job interviews.

The next step towards finding an IT job is to know the job market. Start with researching the job market in the area where you would like to work. You can employ various resources that will help you in researching the market. They are the internet, employment agencies, the library, career fairs, professional associations, and business directories. The best resource of course is the internet, where you can find numerous jobs, many of those will put you in touch with IT Agencies. These employment agencies are another excellent source of jobs that can provide valuable assistance to you.

Once you have undertaken these steps, why not try to look for leads. The way to find a lead is to approach professionals who are working in organisations that have the requirement and the ability to hire candidates who possess skills similar to your expertise. If the organisation you approach is no longer hiring, then it would be a good step to request referrals for other companies that may be hiring candidates similar to your qualifications.

Also, try tapping into the hidden market. Around 80 percent of the jobs in small companies are not advertised. They are not posted but advertise by word of mouth. Try making calls to such companies by looking on the internet or phone books.

Among other steps that you would need to take are visiting job posting sites regularly, writing an effective cover letter and resume, organising your work samples and preparing for the interview.