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Why do We Need a Job?

It gives you Money

No need to say, the main reason behind most of our work is the money. Everyone works for money. Our work pays us so that we can pay others. It makes us enable to live with comfort and pleasure. Money is important, and so is our career.

It gives satisfaction

Job is not only about money. It gives us a kind of satisfaction. It lets us feel that we are not a waste. I am not talking only about an office job or a business. No matter what kind of job it is, it will give you a sense of pleasure. You will be happy to do it because you cannot sit idle for all the life. Even if you do not need money, you still need something to keep you busy. This is a common phenomenon of human nature.

It allows our creativity to glow

If you have interest in something, you get a good chance at your job to enhance your skills. If you make career in what you like, it is not anymore a job. I mean you will earn money while enjoying working. You can give yourself a chance to show creativity in what you are doing. Your life depends a lot on what decisions you make in your career.

It lets you know the World

You cannot expect to meet the people and know the world if you are not going out of your home. Your job gives you a chance to meet and interact with different kinds of people. It allows you to know the world. It enhances your experience about the world. A job depending on its limits, will allow you to see the world.